SÌTHEAN Studios Coworking

Find the quiet coworking space at the end of a private alley. Its ceiling is at 2.10m, therefore it is easy to cool and heat. Moreover, it is glazed over the entire length, without vis-à-vis and also without passage. The lack of nomadic offer makes it a secure space accessible only by residents and their guests. In addition, it is completely separate from the rest of the facility.


The coworking is divided into an entrance and two rooms. First, the entrance which includes two sofas with a coffee table, fridge, coffee maker, kettle, microwave and the online printer. Then, the first room comprising three desks then the second which houses four desks. Finally, both rooms are equipped with blackout curtains for increased comfort during photo or video works.


Le Mobilier : First spaced from each other then ballasted, the desks allow you to safely install your screens or iMacs. In addition, each station is equipped with an optional mobile box (free). Finally, the following accessories are available: a wastepaper basket, a lamp, mug, cup and of course an armchair.
The standard wifi color printer is available free of charge, however the paper remains the responsibility of each and reams are available on site at cost (printing of HD photos is not allowed).


The rate for a basic coworking residence is from 175 € excl. Tax 1 per month (210 € incl. taxes). Make significant savings by making a long-term commitment: from 75€ earned for a quarter up to 400€ when you make a commitment for one year. To conclude, the rental covers all of the following services:

Broadband internet connectionethernet Broadband internet connection.
armchair, desk and mobile box
A personal armchair, desk and mobile box (optional).
unlimited reprography scanner printer Unlimited reprography 2.
unlimited coffeeunlimited tea Unlimited 3 tea and coffee, fridge, microwaves…
Ultra-preferential rates< Ultra-preferential rates 4 on studios.
hourly rental In addition to the rates, only residents can rent studios by the hour when available.
accès badge Secured access by badge.
Notice One month notice.

That said, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, or to visit the facilities,on this page.

1 In fact, the price may vary slightly depending on the location, this initial price is that of the coworking space of the Sìthean studios in Pierre-Bénite.

2 It should be noted that the paper remains the responsibility of each one. In addition, HQ printing of images is not permitted.

3 In particular, each month, you’ll find a limited selection of original teas by the salon “Aux Thés Des Merveilles”.

4 Depending on the hours accumulated in the month, residents automatically benefit from a 10% to 25% discount compared to standard rates (excluding pass).

Aux Thés Des Merveilles