Photo / Video Studio

Basic rate is 167€ /day excl. taxes (200€ incl.taxes) or 92€ /half-day excl. taxes (110€ incl. taxes). 3 days pass, limited to 3 copies each month, are also available for 271€ excl. taxes (325€ incl. taxes)1. The photo/video set of 130m2 (~1400ft2), come with various lighting and accessories. The rent includes a box with two makeup stations, fitting room, shower and clothing racks.

The above rates are always energy excluded. If the decision to bill electricity separately (on a meter visible to everyone) does not really make a big difference for the photographer who stays even a few days, it makes one over the year for the studio. Separating the energy bill allows:

  • to keep a low rental cost.
  • not to penalize those who use light equipment and LED lighting by automatically applying a rate that would compensate for shootings with heavy equipment and lighting.
  • for those who wish, gauge and adapt their energy consumption.

The studios are supplied by the independent energy network Energie d'ici. The energy you consume at Sìthean studios is produced by the hydroelectric dam of Dracé, 50km north (69220).

    Not included:
    Background paper rolls: 12€ excl. taxes per roll + 10€ excl. taxes per used meter on the ground.

    Fog machine 1000w : 20€ ht (24€ ttc).
    1L smoke fluid : 5€ ht (6€ ttc).

    Provided for free:
    Tables, folding chairs, clothing racks, a kettle and a coffee maker with tea and coffee.

    Residents bonus:
    When the studio is available, the residents can rent the studio for 17€ excl. taxes per hour.

    1 – The pass is limited to one person/team/entity every 30 days, It can be used in three separate times within 90 days of purchase. It is not possible to use multiple passes in a row.