The Audio Studio

The studio is loaded with the most recent digital technologies but also have a great acoustic and the monitoring offers power and precision on the whole audio spectrum.

In the audio studio, you can access to the following services: recording, mixing and producing. Built with DEMVOX DV1482 and DV416 booths it offers, in addition to modular professional acoustics, a set of monitoring combinations adaptable to all styles with four pairs of monitors and two subwoofers :

  • Mackie HR824 MKII & MR10S MKIII
  • Yamaha NS10M & HS8
  • Subs Mackie MR5 MKIII & Amadeus ML15A

The recording gear is base on Pro-Tools HD3 with I/O 8x8x8, controled with a Control|24 Digidesign/Focusrite, running on a 12 cores 2.66GHz Intel Xeon Mac Pro, 64G RAM DDR3 ECC. The installed DAWs are Logic Pro X, Cubase 10.5, Pro-Tools 10, 11, 12 & 2019|Ultimate. Otherwise, the HD boards are in a Sonnet PCIe expansion Chassis Sonnet connected to a thunderbolt 3 dock, so you can use the whole system by pluging in your laptop if you already own the right licences and a usb-c / thunderbolt free port.

The price really depends on each project and varies from single to double depending on the duration, the equipment, the technicians and the services. It is impossible to give a standard price, contact us for a suitable quote.

The studio is equipped with the following brands1:

  • DAWs

    Cubase 10Logic Pro XAvid Pro-Tools 10, 11, 12

  • Plugins

    Universal Audio DSP pluginsVengeanceSpectrasonicsRefXNative InstrumentsKorgAntares Autotune

  • Monitoring


  • Mobilier & contrôleurs

    Native InstrumentsSolid State LogicMLG DesignDigidesignBehringer

  • Microphones

    Warm AudioNeumannShureBeyerdynamicsAKG

  • Instruments & SFX

    KorgLine 6roland

1 Non-exhaustive list.